Friday, April 15, 2011

???What in the world???

Well its been an INTERESTING day today!!! Our outside freezer stopped working...which is NOT good cuz it is STUFFED FULL OF LOTS OF FOOD!!! Soooo the kids had ice cream soup and chicken nuggets for lunch today...HAHA...I'm such an AWESOME auntie/nanny...RIGHT?!?!

But I've been on a total cookin rampage all day now...cuz i'm like what am I supposed to do with all this MEAT??? If I don't cook it, it will go bad!!! So i've got a crockpot slow cookin some bbq ribs, a little crockpot of honey mustard glazed ham, and a crockpot of a whole chicken with all kinds of seasonings on it PLUS a pot of Italian pasta sauce simmering with meat in it...the house smells AWESOME!!!

I'm like okaaaaaay I can't even eat ANY Of this cuz of my diet but i'm like, Oh well i'm cookin for my FAMILY!!! Next thing I know Kim comes strolling through and she is like, Oooo what all are you cookin??? Soooo i'm like showin her and i'm like do you like ribs??? And she is like NO!!! I'm like WHAT??? She is like, I don't eat ANY meat that is on the bone!!! I'm like FOR REALZ??? Give me a BREAK!!!

Sooo then my sis comes strollin through and she is like, Mmmm smells good!!! And i'm like well I hope your hungry cuz there is ALOT of food to eat and she is like, ACTUALLY, I think i'm coming down with the stomach flu!!! I'm like WHAT??? And my neice MJ is a VEGETARIAN...that leaves CESAR and he eats like two chicken nuggets and is like STUFFED!!!

I'm like WHAT in the world am I supposed to do with all this food???? What in the world people??? WHAT IN THE WORLD??? Anyone HUNGRY??? Come on over!!! :)