Saturday, April 16, 2011

The potholder!!!

At Christmas time MJ came home from school with one of those handmade pot holders and she is like, LOOKE MARY, I made this for YOU cuz  you always cook!!!! I was like AWWW thats soooo SWEEET!!! AND THEN she is like and its for my mom too!!! I was like WHAT???

I didn't want to SHARE my pot holder...BESIDES...I really am the one that does ALL THE COOKIN in this household. (My sis CAN cook, she just doesn't like too!)  So i'm all like, YOUR MOM??? WHEN do you ever see her cookin???? MJ is sooo quick to defend her mom...she is all like, YES I DO!!! I'm like, okaaay LIKE WHAT??? WHAT HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN YOUR MOM COOK???

She puts her hands on her hips, throws back her head with TOTAL attitude and says,