Friday, May 20, 2011


Sooo i've been really talkin and EXTRA lot with my neice about getting the Holy Ghost!!! I've been going over Acts 2:38 with her, explaining about praying and HOW we NEEEEED the Holy Ghost to get to heaven. So the other day we were talking and she was listening, i mean like ACTUALLY not rolling her eyes and stuff.

So she is leaning up against me and I have my arms wrapped around her. And I'm just like Mary Jo, YOU HAVE to get the Holy Ghost to get to heaven, its IN THE BIBLE!!! And she has her arms wrapped my waist and she has this intent, serene look on her face and she is just silent, not trying to get away or anything. Sooooo i'm like WOW!!! I really think we're having a breakthrough right now!!!!

So she looks up at me and i'm just waiting for her brilliant words of inspiration and she is like, I THINK I FELT IT!!! I'm like what?!?! The Holy Ghost?! She says, I felt it kick!!!! I'm like WHAT??? She smiles sweetly her arms still wrapped around me...The baby, in your tummy, it just kicked!!!