Friday, May 13, 2011


I have decided to make them my NEW accessory!!!
They look GOOOOD on me!!!
Even my big sis said it was REALLY cute!!!
AND believe me, she tells me what she thinks!!! :)))

Its ALL thanks to my pastor donating his tie to our church yard sale!!! Yes thats right!!! I made this headband from a MAN's TIE!!! Pretty cool eh?!

I was just looking at it in the yard sale and I just LOVED the colors and the lines and the design and EVERYTHING about it...I thought OBVIOUSLEY I would NEVER wear a tie (DUH!) BUT what could I do with it?! Hmmmm... and
VOILA here it is!!!
Welll...I've always been one to use ANYTHING(Just ask the girls in my church...LOL!) to make an accessory if I can't afford to buy a new one to match my outfit!!! Sooooo TIES have opened a WHOLE new world of ACCESORIZIN for me!!! Plus, ties ACTUALLY have A LOT of material so I still have quite a bit left and I am going to try and make a flower pin or something!!!

Just think ladies, if you wanted to match your LOVE, you could buy two of the same ties, one for HIM and one for ACCESSORIZIN to match EXACTLEY!!! The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

Soooo beware MEN!!! Your ties are now endangered around me!!! If you see me staring, it may SEEM like i'm checking you out...BUT you never know...