Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ghetto WARNING!!!

Me and Kim REALLY just want to warn all our GHETTOLICIOUS friends out there that the NEW Helper Complete meals are NASTY!!! We were at Wal-mart the other day and Kim sees this and she is all like ...

LOOK Mary, you don't even have to add the meat to these ones!!! I'm thinkin in my head like NASTY!!! But i'm just like to Kim, well get one if you want too!!! And she is like, WHEN I get married my husbands  gonna be gettin one of these EVERY night!!! <------ BAHAHA!!!

So today she makes it for lunch and I was like SOOOOO thankin God that i'm on my diet so I had an EXCUSE to NOT EVEN try it!!! LOL!!! So Kim bakes it up and serves it up to her and the kids and as she is eating she is like, this is NOT good!!! The kids are like NOT EVEN touching it!!! LOL!

I'm like, Kim I coulda told you that at the store!!! As sooon as you showed it to me I knew it was gonna be NASTY!!! BUT...I didn't say anything because I knew you sooooo wouldn't even have listened to me!!!

Kim's like, THATS RIGHT!!! If you had told me NOT to get it I probabley would have bought THREE BOXES!!! I'm like I KNOW!!!

Sooooooo this is ME AND Kim warning you all, this meal is NASTY!!! Pure Nastiness!!!
Even Kim says!!!