Wednesday, May 4, 2011


HAHAHAHAHA!!! This is soooo ME on my wedding day...
Probabley returning something for MY MOM!!! She would be like, "Mary, before you guys leave for the Honeymoon, I have some toilet paper that rang up wrong...HAHAHA!!! ( You can read about THAT experiance HERE!!! :)

Actually, I have only had ONE dream about the day I get married AND in the dream I NEVER did get to see the groom(What a BUMMER) BUT we stopped at Wal-mart on the way to the church AND my sis yelled at me as we were gettin back in the car cuz I had gotten a little stain on the bodice of my dress and I was just like OH WELL!!! HAHA! Yup, I'm sooo a WALMART BRIDE!!! ;)