Monday, June 20, 2011

Cute guy? Ugly Guy???

Looks don't matter...thats what me and Kim were talkin about the other day!!! I said something about hoping to marry a handsome man or something like that...and Kim was like, Well Mary, looks don't really matter and I'm like, yeah BUT...and she is like NO MARY I have dated really HOT and HANDSOME guys that have really treated me BAD before!!! Soooo loooks don't really matter!!!

And i'm like well YEAH BUT...just cuz they're good lookin doesn't mean they're gonna treat you bad...Cuz to be honest...I've had some pretty UGLY guys treat me BAAAADDD too!!! Then me and Kim totally busted up laughing!!! I'm like WEEELLLLL ITS TRUE!!!!

Cute guy??? UGLY GUY??? I think THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that he has a ....

On Fire for JESUS!!! 
Woot! WOOT!!!