Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I was talkin to a friend the other day about a cute Apostolic guy and i'm like well what kinda girl does he want???? Soooo she named a few things and she was like OH and he said that if a girl can SING and play the piano that would be like PERFECT!!!!!

I was like SERIOUSLEY??? Weeellll THERE GOES ME!!! I can't sing BUT  I have a PERSONALITY...does THAT COUNT FOR ANYTHING??? I can't play the piano BUT I can cook, bake AND GRILL!!!! Plus I can scrub the toilet, wash dishes take care of kids AND I HAVE A BLOG!!! LOL! I just don't get when singing and playin the piano made a girl the PERFECT spouse option!!!

Like seriousley I've got my list of things I want in a husband...on fire for God, faithful to church, pays his tithes, loves children, family man, has a car, has a job, burden for the lost, organized, prompt, good leader, consistent, grounded in truth, good with money, good at math, loves people, evangelistic, submits to pastor,  its like two pages long but I think I have one more to add to my list ...cuz like OMW!!! HOW COULD I FORGET...

I'm soooo SERIOUS!!! If I can find a guy that can stand on his head...THAT WOULD BE LIKE THE PERFECT HUSBAND!!! What an asset to my ministry...do you know how AMAZIN that would be for outreach...I mean...he would soooooo be able to get EVERYONE'S attention!!!

♥Awwwwwwww LOOK at HIM!!! *sigh! ;)