Friday, June 10, 2011


So the other day my mom dropped me off at our house and as I was walking in the house I noticed these WEIRD lookin things coming up around our grapefruit tree. I was like WHAT IN THE WORLD???

Sooo I'm like MOM!!! There are these weird things growing up around the grapefruit tree!!! My mom is like OH THOSE ARE MUSHROOMS!!! Don't touch or eat them they are VERY POISONUS!!! (I'm like okaaaaaay I wouldn't touch mushrooms ANYWAYZ I am for SURE NOT going to touch these NASTLY lookin things!!!) So I like kick one of the mushrooms and it just like falls over!!!

I'm like HOW WEIRD!!! They don't even have any roots keepin them in the then i kick them all down!!! They just like all fall over...SOOO i'm like really feelin kinda freaked out by these mushrooms...I KEEP thinkin about HOW WEIRD THEY ARE!!!

Well a couple of days later we are in the front of the house again and we are by the grapefruit tree and I'm lookin at the mushrooms that I had kicked over(Tryin not to get the heebie jeebies) and my sis is like man the citrus food I got for the tree sure isn't workin out very well...So I'm like Weeeellll...Its probabley cuz of those mushrooms growing under the tree...Mom said they are REALLY POISONUS!!!

My sis is like WHAT MUSHROOMS??? So I point to the mushrooms that I had all kicked over. She is like..THOSE AREN'T MUSHROOMS!!!
I still get the heebie jeebies when I look at them though!!!