Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dream inerpretation!!!

Soooo I went to bet at like 12:30 am and rolled back out at 6 am when I TOTALLY could have slept in!!! After Kim woke up an hour or so later for work... (she was a lil groggy...I think it may have been cuz I woke her up  by sittin on her last night in the middle of a dead sleep...I mean it was ONLY 9:30 pm...we had A LITTLE PARTYIN to do first!!!) So she gets up this morn and is like WHY ARE YOU UP??? I'm like IDK!!! i just didn't feel like sleepin anymore!!!

Then I'm like...I had this dream that these alligators were coming to live with us AND trying to become part of the family...the ONLY way we could get rid of them was by squirting mustard on them!!!
Kim's like, WHAT???
I'm like yeah, thats why I decided to just get up!!!
I'm like hmmm...maybe the alligators meant someone is trying to invade our family and...
Kim is like HEEEEEY what are you tryin to say about me and Cesar???
I'm like NOOOOO...not you guys...cuz there was THREE alligators...Plus you and Cesar LOVE MUSTARD!!! HAHAHAHAAHA!!!
Any Daniels or Josephs in the house???? HAHAHA!!!
Anyone wanna try and inerpret this????