Friday, June 3, 2011

Family Prayer!!!

Well tonight me Kim, Theresa, Cesar, MJ & Joe had our first night of FAMILY PRAYER!!! Not that we don't pray...its just TOGETHER!!!  With EVERYONE looking at each other...thats a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY!!!BAHAHA!!! I think it went pretty well for the first time only one person got a spanking and I only busted up laughing ONCE...HAHA!!!

It was my sister's fault though!!! She made me laugh soooo hard!!! Cuz we were all going around saying what we wanted everyone to pray for even the kids and then we would all pray for it. My prayer requests WELLL I had FOUR and I shall list them JUST IN CASE any of YOU ALL want to help me pray for them!!!
1. For the African kids...ESPECIALLY ESTHER!!!
2. That I keep losing weight
3. That the cash flow keeps coming my way (For God to provide for my needs!)
4. For a HUSBAND!!!  (YES, I pray for a husband and I'm NOT ashamed or EVEN gonna try to deny it!!! ;)

SOOOOOOOO when they got to my HUSBAND request I was kinda giggley anywayZ...
THEN THEN my sis says soooooo seriousley in prayer about my future husband... Let him at least be born this month..." AND I LIKE TOTALLY LOST IT!!! Well you just have to know me to get that...but it was pretty FUNNNNY!!!

"Oh yes LORD, let my husband BE BORN!!!"Bahahahahaha!!!