Saturday, June 4, 2011


Sooooooo I had this dream the other night and in this dream I was like TOTALLY IN LOVE with some guy that I have honestly NEVER seen before. He was like sooooo HANDSOME!!! He was tall, but not to tall, he had a nice tan and his hair wasn't really blond or brown it was like HONEY...Oooo and he had like the most amazingest blue eyes ever...LOL...I NEVER found out his name HE TOTALLY LIKED ME!!! (And then I woke up!!!HAHA!!!)

I remember my first thought when I woke up...I was just MAN he was soooo cute I didn't even care that he was WHITE!!! LOLOLOL!!!

Soooo I was telling Kim ALL about him and i'm like KIM...I don't even know his name but I seriousley think I'm in love!!! And I'm telling Kim all about him and she was like well what did YOU look like? Were you totally thin in your dream or what?! Sooooo I'm like ummm I don't really know!!! I'm like I mean in MY MIND I have ALWAYS been thin && beautiful, its just when I look in the mirror that I realize, like, OH i'm not thin!!! LOL So Kim is like, well in your dream did you look in the mirror at all? So I'm like NO! Kim is like, WAIT MARY...YOU didn't look in the mirror??? THIS WAS A DREAM!!! HAHAHA!!!

Then I was tellin Kim yeah and like in my dream like HE TOTALLY LIKED ME and like all I know is that this was like some new guy passin through town that ALL THE GIRLS liked, soooo since ALL the girls liked him I was totally ACTING LIKE I didn't like him...but REALLY I HAD LIKE A HUGE CRUSH on him and Kim was like Oh so you were like playing hard-to-get? And I'm like yeah I guess I was!!! Then I was like WAIT...

Okaaaaaaaaaaay THIS REALLLLY WAS A DREAM!!!!