Tuesday, June 28, 2011


OMW you guys!!! GUESS WHAT????????????

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay I don't want you all to be JEALOUS...BUT..........My sweet, adorable, handsome lil nephew JUST SAID MY NAME!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooo amaZingly BEAUTIFUL!!!! It happened while we were swimming!!!! He wanted me cuz he liked me dunkin him, sooo he was holdin his arms out to me and his mom said, say MARY!!! ANd he SAID IT!!!! I screamed and then yelled to ALL my neighbors....MY NEPHEW SAID MY NAME!!! And then he said it again, and I sreamed again!!! And he said it again and again and I screamed AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! Oooooo I'm sooooo HAPPPPPY! I think he has finally decided not to be scared of his cRaZy and loud and hyper auntie Maria that continuousley smothers him with kisses!!! I think he really LOVES ME!!! (Of course...WHO DOESN'T????;)