Saturday, June 25, 2011


Sooooooooo I took this first aide and cpr class...let me tell you something...there were some DUMB people in that class!!! AND you all better be hoping tthat your NEVER in a serious emergency around me!!!

So part of the Good Samaritan rule for when you help people is that you don't do anything that is ABOVE your skill level. So this lady is like, Wellllll...I have NEVER taken a CPR/ First aide class before, HOW would I even know what my skill level is??? Our instructor just looks at her and is like, YOUR AT THE VERY BOTTOM THEN!!! (Like DUH!!!)

So then our instructor is tellin us that once you start to administer and attend to a person that is hurt you must stay with them unless you are so exausted it is endangering you or someone with a higher skill level comes in to help. SOOOOOOOO this SAME lady is like, WELLLL how would you know that that person ACTUALLY has a HIGHER skill level that you??? (Hmmm GOOD question!) So this other lady pipes in and is like, WELL WHY WOULD YOU ARGUE??? (although, I know a few people that would argue with a DOCTOR in an emergency!!!)

Then the teacher passes out these facial masks that your supposed to wear when you give someone CPR!!! She is like and now that you have these just carry them in your pockets at ALL TIMES!!! (I'm like Oh...RIGHT!)

Snake bites!!! Do NOT suck out the venom!!! Wrap the infected area the best you can...then use your common sense to the best of your ability!!! (HAHA!!! That right there would be the HARDEST part for a lot people!!!)

If someone passes out you are NEVER to leave them flat on their back!!! In case they throw up your supposed roll them on their side towards YOU!!! (I'm like, YEAH RIGHT!!!)

If for some reason, it is a serious enough accident, that one of their body parts is amputated, you should A. CALL 911! (4realZ??? nevr woulda thought of THAT!!!) B. Gather the amputated body part and keep it by the victim! (HA! I'm SOOOOOO SURE!!!)

If there is ever a chest would that is in the lung, tape it with a flat peice of plastic on three sides!!! I'm like okaaaaaaaay where in the world am I supposed to get a FLAT PIECE OF PLASTIC from??? (Oh yeah I forgot, its in my pocket with my SAFETY MASK!!! Bahaha!!!)

So basically I figured out what I PERSONALLY would be doing in and emergencey!!! It would go like this...SCREAM...pray... CALL 911 ...SCREAM...pray...scream...PRAY ... SCREAM... SCREAM...SCREAM!!!!

Well THATS MY personal emergency action plan!!! I wish I could say, that i'm spirtitual enough to say, that I would PRAY FIRST before screaming...BUT I KNOW myself!!! Screaming would TOTALLY BE FIRST!!