Friday, June 24, 2011

Love life update!!!

Heeeeey ALL you wonderful Classic Mary Moment readers out there...ALL you that have told me that your praying for my FUTURE HUSBAND...Especially YOU SIS. LUGO from Bro. Morton's church, I remember your encouraging words at WCC this past year about praying for me AND I just want you all to be the FIRST TO KNOW...

(He was 52-years-old soooooooooo I just want to tell you all to PULEEEEEEEEZE KEEP PRAYING!!! ;)))

AnywayZ, it was pretty funny, in like a messed up kinda way. He was all like you have long hair girl, its PRETTY!!! And my hair isn't really even that long for an Apostolic girl, just to my waist, but I was just like Oh THANK YOU!!! And in my mind I am tellin myself he is just being a nice man, then he says, YOU pretty girl!!! I'm like Ummmm THANK  YOU!!!! HAHAHA!!!

Then he is like so how old are you? i'm like 27!!! (Like hellllooooo, HINT HINT) Without even blinkin an eye, he shakes my hand and says, 52!!! like thats just THE PERFECT age for me!!! He says just think, all this time has passed and we FINALLY meet!!! (I'm like OH WOW!)

 THEN, He felt like it was a total "God Thing" cuz his name was Joseph! (His words...You know Joseph and MARY!!!) LOL!!! He was like, how often do YOU ever come across a JOSEPH???  I didn't bother to tell him that ACTUALLY, my mom's dad is a Joseph, my dad is a Joseph, my mom's, mom's dad's name is Joseph, my mom's brother is Joseph, my brother is Joseph and my nephew is a Joseph...NOPE NOT VERY OFTEN that I find myself with another Joseph...BAHAHAHA!!! I was NOT about to explain to him that it is ACTUALLY, a family name...cuz then he REALLY would thought it was a sign!!!

Thankfully, this was the moment my sis pulled up and rescued me...I wasn't even in the car yet and she was like WOW, you really know how to get them...HAHAHA!!!!

And THEN people ask me WHY i'm NOT married??? I'm like, I don't know!!! Its a REALLY HARD decision, between the AM PM gas attendent and 52-year-old men...I can't seem to make up my mind!!! :D