Friday, June 17, 2011

Single girls HOPE!!!

(Sooooooooooo I don't know if ALL THE other single girlz are gonna think this is as funny as me ...BUT I thought it was pretty fuNNNy!!! HAHA!!! ;)

So a couple of weeks ago some of us "older" single girls all got together to hang out and as usual we had a grand time hangin out and solvin allll the worlds problems!!! LOL! Well this was the FIRST time Kim had gone with us all to hang out soooooooooo....

The next day I'm in the kitchen with Kim and she is washin the dishes and all of the sudden she just kind of pauses and turns to me and is all...sooooooo ALL of us girls that were hangin out last night are all like "older" singles right? Soooo i'm just yup!!!

Kim is like, and there are like NO single guys we even know of our age right? I very cheerfully respond back with a YUP!!! She is like, MARRRRY its HOPELESS!!! Totallly unfazed I'm like WHAT???? She is like GETTIN MARRIED!!! How are we supposed to get married when there are like NOOO single guys our age???? ITs HOPELESS!!!

I'm just like very calm...OH KIM its NOT HOPELESS!!! She is like NO MARY!!! ITS HOPELESS!!!! I'm like NO Kim...we might have to wait a while BUT its NEVER hopeless...THINK ABOUT IT...
Babies are being born EVERYDAY!!!