Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm NOT one to complain BUT...I Just put in a complaint to corprate office of Costco cuz they guy in photos was wearin a bracelet thats said I ♥ _________!!! I don't care if its for Breast Cancer Awareness...Your stupid bracelet isn't gonna save ANYONE'S life and its totally disgusting and UNprofessional and innappropreate AND DEGRADING to woman!!!! This is not being cold-hearted towards people with cancer, I have plenty have CLOSE family members that have dealt with cancer and there is NOTHING that works better to cure cancer than PRAYER!!! Thankfully, the young lady I talked to TOTALLY agreed with me and said she would be callin that Costco immediately and taking care of it!!! Next I'm callin about the waitress at BJ's that was wearing one!!! If you see someone at work wearing one of these SPEAK YOUR MIND!!!