Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Soooo today me and Kim were drivin around in her little car, that doesn't have AC and it is like sooooo HOT OUT!!! I mean i can like FEEEEL the sweatin drippin off me, we got the windows down though and we're just cruisin!!!

Well we stop at a light and Kim is like, WHY IS THE OVERHEATING LIGHT ON??? She is like freakin out...MARY WHY IS THIS CAR OVERHEATIN??? Very calmly without hesitatin or even blinkin an eye I look back at her and say....

She looks at me and is like, MARY, you did NOT just say that!!! I'm like OH YES I DID!!! Then we like high-fived each other and busted up laughing!!!
I was like, I mean think about it Kim, the car is ALREADY in this 100-something-ARIZONA weather, then you put my HOT self in here and whatda you expect????
1 Car+100 Degree weather+Two ARIZONA HOTTIES=