Thursday, July 7, 2011

Auntie Maria!!!!

One of the men at church asked me one time WHY I always refer to myself as Auntie Maria to my my nephew? So I was like, WELLLLL Maria is Mary in Spanish, Italian and Tagolog!!!!

Soooo he just looks at me and is like...AND YOUR WHITE!!!! (LOL!!!) I'm like Wellll yeah BUT...I'm half Italian and sometimes my Grandpa Mangino would call me Maria and my nephew is half Filipino AND as far as the Spanish goes...ummm (Had to think this one through) Hmmmm...wellllll...I make GOOOOOD tamales...HAHAHA!!! Ooooo and MJ my neice is ACTUALLY half Mexican too!!!

I mean, I know I'm pretty WHITE BUT...  My heart IS NOT!!! I'm very mutli-cultural!!! I pretty much embrace a little of every nationality.
My Heart is like...
 a RAINBOW!!! :)