Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday present!!!!!


My sis said she is going to give me her LAP TOP for my birthday!!! Isn't that like SOOOOOOOOO NICE of her?!?! She was like, well I was thinkin about givin you something that I have but its used so I don't know if you would ACTUALLY want it. Soooo i'm thinkin WHAT does she have that I WOULD WANT??? I mean, I help myself to ALL HER CLOTHES whenever I want so that wouldn't be anything...and THEN it hit me!!! I was like, YOUR LAP TOP????? She was like, yeah would you want that??? I'm like uh...YESSSSS!!!!

Like I REALLY CARE IF ITS USED!!! I mean HELLLLLOOOOOOO...This is MARY GINTY we're talkin about... The ultimate thrift store special, the spyer of clearance racks, not afraid to go dumpster diving in my dress clothes and heels in the snootiest part of Scottsdale, believer in coupons and ad matching, lover of yard sales, Princess of ghettoliciousness...Ummmm NO...i don't CARE IF ITS USED!!!

Soooo YEAH i'm gettin a lap top!!! I'm sooooo excited...I have wanted one for like EVERRRRRR!!!!! Now I just need a REALLY CUTE, ADORABLE, BABELICIOUS, laptop case!!! (Just in case anyone needed a bday gift idea;)

Btw- ONLY 11 more days till I turn 28!!!!!!! :)))