Saturday, July 30, 2011

Florida trip 2011!!!!

Sooooo at the beginning of this summer I was INCREDIBLEY excited about going to Heritage!!! i had been thinkin that I would NOT be able to attend because my brother's wedding in Bohol PI was scheduled for September and I told my lil brother okAAAAAAy did you HAVE to plan your weddin right then??? I won't be able to go to ANYTHING this summer cuz i'm gonna be savin my ALL money for THAT!!!!

Well then there was a turn of events and my brother ended up changing the date of his wedding to the beginnin of January 2012. (It was NOT so I could go to Heritage...LOL!) And I was like SUPER siked!!! I was like YESSSS!!! I am sooooooo READY to go meet NEW GUYS!!! LOL (Just bein honest..keepin it REAL folks;) Cuz I mean...lets face it...I'm NOT bein conceited BUT I have lost A LOT OF WEIGHT and this is the best i've looked since like 8th grade and I was READY... so when I thought I couldn't go I was like HORRIFIED...but then when I found out i could I was DELIGHTED!!!

But then after Old Time Camp meetin...Idk...I just got this feelin like it wasn't that of a deal for me to go anymore. I mean I was STILL plannin on goin...and its NOT like God directly told me NOT to was just kind of like this feelin inside of me like...its not a BIG DEAL!!!

Then my sis was tellin me that my mom was really wantin to go to her Uncle's 80th birthday in Florida and she was like would you want to go? So i'm like, yeah sure, when is it??? She tells me the dates and its like THE SAME time as Heritage and I was like GASPIN inside and she was like, well if you went you would have to miss Heritage...BUT she said that if I put the money I was usin for Heritage towards my plane ticket she would pay for the rest of the trip...sooo without really thinkin about it MUCH I was just like okaaaaaaay SURE!!!
Cuz I mean...It was my great uncle's 80th birthday and that ONLY happens ONCE in a lifetime & plus I've NEVER been to Florida before sooooo a couple of weeks before Heritage my plans were switched and I was REALLY excited about it...then when we got there I didn't even relize that my sis was payin for us to stay at the
...HOW SWEEEEEEEEET is that??? Cuz I mean I like totally
This was our VEIW from our ROOM!!!

K... so there is this guy like just RANDOMLY sellin watermelons in front of Golden Corral...HAHA...sooooo he spots us and is like givin us prices and he tellin us about how they are from his farm in Texas and I'm like hmmm...odd that he is sellin them in FLORIDA...just like three states over...HAHA!!! and my sis sees him goin into some ice chest in the truck to give us a sample and she and MJ just go off inside...but me and my mom got a sample right of the knife and it was soooooo GOOOOOD!!! Seriousley like waaaaay sweet and crisp....Mmmmm!!! Soooo mom gets one!!!

Weird thing about it thought was that as soooon as we bought one he like took off and drove away sooooo FAST...I'm like hmmmm...thats a little ODD!!! LOL!


Me and my sis enjoyin STARBUCKS!!! Our resort had one RIGHT THERE INSIDE!!!!

WOW!!! Soooo the lady at Starbucks got A LITTLE snooty with me!!! Okaaaaaaaaaay so MAYBE I WAS... I drippin with ocean water and covered in sand at a five star resort askin for a 64-cent refill...BUT still no reason for an ATTITUDE!!!!! :)))

I just want to give a special thanks to The Westin Beach Resort for makin the elevator walls soooo pretty!!! They came in quite handy for some of self-portraits!!! :))) REALLLLY, I appreciate it!!! ;)

Goooooooooooooood ITALIAN FOOD!!!
It was such a nice night with my family!!!

We ate outside and it was rainin...I LOVED IT!!!

And our waiter was like OFFENDED that I didn't care that I was gettin wet...He was like YOU KNOW your gonna get wet from the rain? (Thinkin like..DUH!!!) I'm like...thats ok I like it!!! He was just like okaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! I'm like thinkin ummmm i'm NOT one of those girls that MELTS in the rain...Apparently...HE was ONE OF THOSE GUYS!!! HAHAHA!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay sooooooo this picture is BLANK...but its for a reason...there is a STORY OF COURSE...
Soooooooo my sis calls for towels one night and when there is a knock on the door everyone is like MARY answer the door and i'm like okaaaaaay I guess i'll get I nonchalantly open the door and when I do I just GASPED!!! Standin there, holdin our towels is THE MOST HANDSOMEST MAN I have EVERRRR seen in my WHOLE entire LIFE!!! He was like REALLY, REALLY, REALLY tall like 6'6 or something...I mean like total basketball player height, then broad shoulders like a football player and of course CHOCOLATE skin!!! I was just like OMW...GOD is this a belated birthday present from you???

Soooo anywayZ, i'm just standin there frozen, my eyes wide, with my mouth HANGIN open...I couldn't even say NOTHING!!! And the poor guy...I don't think he thought my reaction was cuz I thought he was cute...I think he thought I was like really FREAKED out by him...cuz its the south and lotsa people are all RACIST over there...He is just like...heres your towels ma'aam...and I felt REALLY bad that he thought I was scared of him...I wanted to be like...Heeeeeeey I'm NOT like that...but I couldn't cuz I was FROZEN...LOL...I was like awwwwwww man...I soooooooooooo shoulda been wearin my grape koolaid shirt...had I been wearin that shirt...idk ya'all...I REALLLLLY think I just might not be single right now!!! HAHAHA!!! ;)

Sooooooo anywayZ, when I finally UNFROZE enough to shut the door I just fell on the bed and was like... OMW MOM!!! THAT WAS THE BEST LOOKIN GUY I HAVE EVERRRRR SEEN IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!!! And she was like all calm, Oh was he black? I was like, MOM, I said THE BEST LOOKIN guy everrr ...DUH...OF COURSE HE WAS BLACK!!!

Soooo I immediatley sent out a MASS text to ALL MY they were like DID YOU GET A PICTURE??? AND i was like NOOOO I couldn't...I was FROZEN in spot!!! So thats why I have the BLANK represents...HIM!!!

 Oooo and then I told my sis if I see that guy again I am sooooo gettin a picture with him...and my sis was like...OH well...hav fun cuz I don't know WHO will be takin that picture for you!!! I was like WHAT??? Sooo then I Improvised...I'm like ok FINE if I see him I will JUST take a picture of him!!!! Oooo and I had the PERFECT LINE!!! I was gonna say, "Excuse me sir, I promised all of my friends back home that I would bring them back a REALLY CUTE souvenier; Sooooo I was just wondering, could I get a picture of YOU!?!?! LOL YES...I WROTE THAT PICKUP LINE!!! You know its BOMB!!! Unfortunatley i NEVERRRR got to use it!!! :(

Our car we Infinity...I was like is this NICE??? My brother texts me back and is like DUH!!! I'm like Ooooo...LOL...Cars only impress me if they are trucks or CONVERTIBLES!!!

View of our hotel from the ocean...

The street my uncle and mom's cousin live down...I thought it looked really coooool!!!

Me & My great Uncle Sammy celebratin his 80th birthday!!!

Birthday cake && ITALIAN PASTRIES!!! YUMMM!!!

I was DERERMINED to get up early and watch the sunrise at the ocean...and i seemed to have been THE ONLY one with this goal!!! HAHA!!! But of course I have NO problem gettin up early and goin out explorin by myself...LOL!!!

AnywayZ...I LOVE this picture I got...i think its SOOOO pretty AND SOOO cool lookin with the pick up truck too!!! (♪♫ Theres something woman like about a pick up man!!!♪♪♫;)

 This was REALLLLLY FUNNN!!! I begged my sister the last night of the trip to take our slices of cheesecake factory to the beach and just watch the waves in the dark...sooo we did...and it was rainin lightly and it was soooo NICE...I LOVED IT!!! and my sis made me PROMISE her that I would NOT get up in the middle of the night and go in the ocean...I was like okaaaaaaaay i'm NOT THAT DUMBBB!!! and she looked at me like YES  YOU ARE!!! HAHA!!!

Me saying goodbye to my LOVERRRR....


SIGH!!! Until next time baby!!!!

(Sooooooo the point that I was tryin to make in ALL this, but got slightly carried away, is that I did my own little devotions in the morning at the the beach... and God really talked to me there...which is cool...cuz I didn't think I was gonna get my blessin without going to Heritage...but I guess God can touch you ANYWHERE...( like...DUH)... even at a five star resort at the beach...BUT ...I THINK i'll save that for ANOTHER blog post now...HAHA!!!)