Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kim && Mary... DUMB MOMENT!!!



So Kim and I are standin in line at the DOLLAR TREE with all our stuff and Kim goes to pay and she realizes she doesn't have her card, so she cancels her order... BUT she had already opened her Coke and  so she asks if I have a dollar to pay for it and I'm like yeah SURE!!! So I go into MY PURSE to get out a dollar and I HAD FORGOTTEN ALL MY CASH!!! I was like OMW...I don't hav any money EITHER!!!

So we're just standin there like idiots with the line backin up to the end of the store and THANKFULLY my big sis was there to save us both from our own stupidity!!! LOL!!! My sis was just like...WOW...Seriousley??? SERIOUSLEY??? You guys both went shopping WITHOUT bringing any money??? I'm like, YEP that would be US!!!

Kim's like, WELLLL... I guess there goes my chance for my dream job at the Dollar Tree!!! HAHAHA!!! i'm like ooooo we should soooooooooo go back in and ask for an application!!! BAHAHAHA!!!