Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mary WiseDUMB!!!!! (Marriage advice;)

Currrrrrently deciding to give FREE marriage counselin to all my married friends!!! :)))) This spectacur piece of advice is ESPECIALLY for THE LADIES!!! How would you ladies like to know of a way for your husband to ALWAYS remember your birthday???? I'm sure you would and I the SINGLE Miss Mary happen to have a SURE way to make him NEVERRR forget!!!!

ARE YOU READY for this ladies???? Okaaaay here we go...JUST...

 I don't understand all these ladies that get upset because their husbands forget!!! I'M LIKE HELLLLOOOO....just start reminding them like a month in advance!!! And remind him EVERYDAY!!! Write little sticky notes and stick them in TOTALLY random places!!! Put it in his planner!!! Program it in his phone!!! The night before say, "tomorrow is MY BIRTHDAY!!! First thing in the morning say...TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!" And he'll say RIGH AWAY, Oh happy birthday baby!!! (Unless he is a total jerk!!!) and then you say, "BABE, you remembered...OMW thats like sooooooo SWEEET!!!" HAHA!!!! It seems cRaZy but I'm sooooo serious ladies...this is GUARANTEED to work!!!

And don't be ALL like BUT i want him to remember on his OWN...without me reminding him!!! Don't be like that... he is a man...thats just the way he is...its in his DNA!!! Its like in this Stephen Bly book I was readin one time....Everyone was gettin mad at these coyotes for doing coyote eatin chickens and stuff and finally this rancher told the boys...they're coyotes, thats what they do, its in their nature and you can't expect them NOT to act like coyotes when thats what they are!!! Same way with men!!! They may remember at FIRST, but sooner or later its gonna happen and your just gonna be like...OMW... HE REALLY IS A MAN!!! HAHA!!! 

Sooooo when it happens ladies just think to yourself, OMW Like wow!!! MY HUSBAND is soooo MANLY!!!  Trust me though...unless my husband gets alztheimers he will NEVER forget my birthday!!! NEVA!!!!! :) 

Yes ladies...
all that wisedumb was for FREE!!!!!! ;)