Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sorrrrry all my blog readers!!! I'm soooo SORRRRRy i've been gone from bloggin for this long!!! i totally was NOT expectin this!!! I was plannin on bloggin from our hotel...BUT would you believe that they charged $8 for $15 minutes??? I was like WOW what a rip off!!! For the price my sis was payin to stay there it soooooooooo SHOULD have been FREEEEEEE!!!

Then last night when we FINALLLLY got home from the trip and we went to get on the internet it wasn't working...we were like NOOOO!!!! Sooooo anywayz, I called the phone company today and got it fixed...which in itself was pretty FUNNNNY!!! Like the guy thought I was the STUPIDEST person EVERRRR!!!! 

He was walkin me through step by step and then when I didn't know what he was talkin about he was start takin REALLLLLY slowly and then when I still didn't know what he was talkin about he would raise his voice and then when I stilllll didn't know what he would talk REALLLLY slowly, raise his voice AND get alll stern with me...I was like DUUUUUUUUDE!!!!

He was like, Ma'aam, Do you have a filter? Look at the filter!!! I'm like wheres that? He is like I don't know Ma'aam, I'm NOT there!!! I'm like WELLLLL...I don't even know what one is to tell you about it!!! He is like, MA'AAAM, its a clear box that would be hangin from the wall...I'm like I don't seeeeee it...HAHAHAHA!!! Then he was like I need you to tell me the model of your i'm like ummmm its like blue and black and ummmm....he is like MA'aaam thats your ROUTER...I need to know YOUR MODEM!!! I'm like oooooooo...where is THAT??? He is like, MA'AAAAM I DON'T KNOW...I'm NOT THERE!!!! I'm like OH yeah thats right...let me go look!!! He totally reminded me of that geek on AIO that is super smart and is gettin money to change people's grades and he thinks he can like take over the whole school...anyone remember this AIO???

Then at the end of the convo and the internet is workin again I'm like, SIR, thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for helpin get this fixed!!! He is like, your welcome!!!! And I'm like, and I also wanna say, I'm really sorry for being SOOOOOOO DUMB!!! He is like No problem!!! (Bahahahahaha) Then he asks me for my email for something I don't even know what, and I'm like OH you should check out my blog...CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS!!! He is like, Ma'aaam ALL I need is your email!!! I'm like I know but my blog is REALLLLY cool, you should check it out!!! He is like, well I got your email thats all I need, I'm like I know BUT you should just check it out Classic Mary Moments...he is like I'll take note of that...then he asks me if I want to upgrade my internet and I'm like does that cost and he says yes and I sweetly say no thank you and then I'm like but don't forget...CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS!!!!

Sooooo yes people I'm BACK ready to PARTAAAAAAAY, can't wait to post pics from my birthday, swim party and our trip posted up this week and will have a GOOOOD post written up tonight!!!! Ooooo and I have the coolest weight loss update that I wanna tell you all...but I'm gonna blog about it on the weight loss blog...I was like SIKED!!!

Sooooo how was Heritage and Peak??? Anyone miss me??? (You know YOU did;) Who got a blessing from God? Anthing fuNNy happen? Anyone fall in love??? WHO'S going to YOUTH ALIVE???? Keep me updated!!! :)