Saturday, August 27, 2011


Okaaaaay sooooo after teachin Bible study last night...some how, me and my friend Shannon ended up at the Emergency room!!! LOL Long story and I won't bore you with the details BUT i'm FINE!!! HAHA!!!

So ANYWAYZ, we were waitin and waitin and waitin to be taken in that by the time I got to see the doctor me and Shannon were really hyper and just havin a grand time hangin out. So my doctor comes in and he just LOOKS at me and is like, "YOU LOOK REALLY GOOOOD!!!" I'm thinkin like really? Wow! Cuz I mean, WHO gets compliments in HOSPITAL GOWNS??? So i'm just like, "Oh, THANK YOU!!!"

He just looks at me again this time kind of confused, he is all, I mean like, HEALTHY, your health looks good!!! I'm just like, "Oh THANK YOU!!!" HAHAHA!!! It was soooo FUNNNNY!!! He just laughed then!!!

Heeeeey I LOVE compliments, after all, I am the girl that went to the Philipines and when the guys told me I was, "SOOOOO FAT and BEAUTIFUL", I just said, "Oh THANK YOU!!!" HAHAHA!!! I don't care what you say, if you mean it in a NICE way, your givin a SINCERE compliment, and NOT makin fun, I will say THANK YOU!!!

♥Mary Frances :)