Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thankful for a...

Okaaaaaaaaay sooooo I told you all in my last blog post that I wouldn't bore you with ALL the details of my ER visit this past weekend...BUT it turns out to be a TESTIMONY that I can't help BUT share with you ALL!!! :)

So last Monday morning I woke up with an ache in my lower back. The first day I didn't think anything of it like I had just slept the wrong way or something...but it continued to persist, so I started takin tylenol etc...and it started increasin...weeeelll by Friday I was gettin worried because it was NOT goin away and I realized that it was just on the left of my lower back...I was like Hmmmm...isn't that like my apendix or something???? I'm thinkin in my mind like...naw its NOTHING...BUT I hav had friends who have almost died from their apendix rupturing...sooooo I look it up online and NO its NOT my apendix on the lower left its MY KIDNEY!!!

So i'm like ooo its NOTHING...i'm sure...BUT in my mind i'm like...weeeelll my mom had kidney stones...i've heard of people havin kidney infections....Bishop Abbott had kidney then later on in the day i'm havin this Bible study at my house and like before we actually had the Bible study we went swimmin and in the process of THAT my neice like sprained her ankle from jumpin wet on the my sis is like well I better take her to the ER to get checked out. So I'm thinkin oh man, I should just go and get my back checked out cuz i don't have a regular doctor right now...but I was like NO I need to stay and teach this Bible study!!!

Welll after everyone leaves my sis calls from the ER to give an update on my neice and she is like, you should just have Shannon bring you in to get checked out tonight cuz WHAT IF it is something serious...and I'm like...oh no...i'm SURE its NOTHING!!! But then Shannon is like, well i'm here and I don't have anything better to do, I'll just TAKE YOU!!!! Soooo off we go to the ER!!!

So Shannon is textin her friend and she tells him that she is with me at the ER for my back...well mean while we get called back for me to be seen and the whole time we are waitin, which was several hours, me and Shannon are just havin a total blast chit-chattin, and after about two hours we finally see the doctor and they can't find anything and I pretty much feel FINE and me and Shannon get some free coffee (Who needs Starbucks??? Just go to the ER!!!;) and head home.

And even though we had a TOTAL BLAST seemed like TOTALLY pointless to have gone to the ER cuz I felt FINE!!! SOOOOOOOO today, Shannon was tellin me that her friend had been soooo worried about me as soon as he found out he told his church and they were at the fair and they ALL stopped right then and there at the fair and prayed for me!!!!

I was like WHAT? WOW!!! For realZ?? ANd she is like, "YES!!! Like it happened right when we were gettin called back to the room!!!" And I was like, WAIT Shannon...I think thats why it seemed like the WHOLE ER trip was even pointless!!! I'm like, remember how when the doctor was checkin me out (Not like that!!!LOL;) I couldn't even remember which side the pain was??? She is like YEAH!!! I was like, thats cuz I didn't EVEN feel anything anymore!!!!!!Aparently, by the time the doctor had seen me, their church had prayed for me and GOD HAD HEALED ME!!!

Seriousley you guys...HOW COOL IS THAT??? My sis was like, I guess you hadn't actually gotten prayed for...I was like...NO...I felt like OH its NOTHING...I don't want to turn it into anything big...meanwhile...My friends in another state, didn't even know what was goin on and they prayed for me!!!  I'm like wow...I felt FINE yesturday and today I forgot that there had even been ANY pain AT ALL!!! God is sooooooo good!!!
♪♫♪Oh what peace we often forfeit, OH what NEEDLESS PAIN we bear...ALL because we do NOT God in PRAYER!!!!♪♫♪♪
♥Mary Frances :)

P.S. Thank YOU to all my Portales friends for stoppin in the middle of EVERYTHING to pray for ME!!!! You guys totally rock AND I love YOU ALL!!! :))) XOXO