Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One thing they're scared of...

So the other day when Lena was over we were bringin groceries into the house and as I was walkin in, I heard that crunch underneath my shoe...at first I was like, Oh a leaf..BUT THEN I KNEW what it was...A Roach crunch!!! Without even lookin behind me, I ran THE REST OF THE WAY into the house SCREAMIN!!!

Kim and my sister were like WHAT IN THE WORLD??? I was like, I heard something CRRRRUNCH beneath my shoe and I KNOW it was a ROACH!!!!! Kim said she was NOT checkin but my sis peaked out and sho NUFFF she saw one by the van RIGHT where I had run away!!! OMW IT WAS SOOOO GROSS!!!

So my sis was like, well are there any groceries left? And I'm like NO...BUT the doors are open and I am NOT going NEAR there to shut them with that EVIL creature just lurkin out there!!! Soooo all three of us girls are lookin at each other like...WHAT SHOULD WE DO???

Then Lena, who is 7 is like, I'LL GO SHUT THE DOOR!!! I'm like OMW!!! Your NOT SCARED??? She just looks at me and is like NOOOOOO!!!! And I was like OMW...sooo i'm like huggin and kissin her, and I'm like, SEE THIS IS WHY I love MY AFRICAN PEOPLE SOOOO MUCH...they ain't scared of NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!! Cuz You know, comin from Africa, I guess you get pretty brave about stuff like ROACHES!!!

Soooooo I'm like tellin my sister and Kim, SEE, AFRICAN people ain't scared of NOTHING!!! Kim's like hmmm...well I don't know...BUT my sis is like, Oh yeah, African's ain't scared of NOTHING??? What about Billy Bob Joe??? (FYI! Billy Bob Joe happens to be one of the HOTTEST BLACK GUYS IN PENTECOST!!! And if you THINK you know who i'm talkin about, just keep on thinkin that you know...cuz there are A LOT of handsome black guys it could be... I happen to have found most of them!!! LOL!;) I'm like what about Billy Bob Joe??? She is like, I'm pretty sure he is scared of....

 I was like Okaaaaaay that was GOOOOD!!! HAHAHAHA!!! We laughed like really hard for like 10 minutes straight!!!! Kim was like, BLOG ABOUT THAT MARY!!! BLOG ABOUT THAT!!! I was like Okaaaay you know what, I WILL!!! LOL!!! So here I am...MARY FRANCES GINTY... writing about the ONE thing African guys are scared of!!!


But lets NOT limit it to JUST African guys...
 I'm pretty sure the fear is MUTAL amongst...
HAHA!!! ;)