Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I had one particular guy SPECIAL in mind for this BACK IN post...BUT alas ladies...he got a girlfriend...ONE WEEK TO EARLY!!! think he had ALMOST made it to to this point in his finally ARRIVED as APOSTOLIC MALE MODEL...BUT got a girlfriend a week to soon...I'm sure he's devestated...perhaps his girlfriend can COMFORT HIM!!! ;) ;)

AnywayZ, NOT sure who to choose...A certain young man began to rapidly be nominated by not one, not two, NOT EVEN three, BUT SEVERAL DIFFERENT young ladies and sooooooooo ...the long delay since DECEMBER'S Apostolice Male Model has been demolished and
Girls EVERYWHERE in Pentecost have been on an INTERNET FAST...but that fast will soon be broken with TODAYS SWOONIN NEWS!!! ARE YOU READY??? I SAID...ARE YOU READY??? Take a deep breath and hold on to your chairs ladies...BECAUSE it is the ONE AND ONLY...

Marvin Cardenas Coreas

WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Now girls, PICK YOURSELVES up off the floor and begin breathin is VITAL that you don't die...because Classic Mary Moments has got the SCOOP... for YOU!!! ;) ;) ;)

First of all, aside from his incredible good looks that have all you girls SWOONIN...Marvin is 19-years-old, almost NOT a teenager anymore...HAHA!!! He is a faithful member of Bro. Gutierrez's church, Tabernaculo de Victoria in Panorama City California. It is said that Marvin LOOOOOOVES his pastor and church. It is his life.

 At his church he is involved in leading services, teaching Sunday School, he sings, just recently started preaching and alter worker AND he goes on outreach every Saturday... EVERY SATURDAY!!! Now how awesome is THAT ladies???

Now onto the FUN STUFF!!! Marvin is a really, really, REALLLLY funnny guy. If you are around him for like two seconds he will TOTALLY have you laughin!!! He loves to laugh, but even MORE, he loves makin OTHER people laugh.
"I just love to see people smile," says Marvin, "even if I have to make a fool outta myself!"  
Marvin's friends describe him as fun, cRaZy, loyal, encouraging, protective, stubborn, heardheaded and straight forward. If he agrees with you he is very supportive, BUT if he disagrees with you, HE WILL LET YOU KNOW!!! He loves kids, is a hard worker and will do anything for the people he loves. They say he is very perceptive, sensitive and that comes thru in his friendships and in his walk with God.
Five things EVERY GIRL wants to know...
1. He is DEBT FREE
2. He COOKS!!!
(It is said that Marvin can make a MEAN pizza and GOOOOOD Carne Asada!!!)
3. He has a JOB!!!
Woot, woot...HOLLA!!!
 (Manager at Joe Peeps Pizza Place in North Hollywood...go HERE to check it out)
4. He is extremely organized and VERY CLEAN!!!
(No B.O....Praise the Lord!!!)
 Oooo la, la ladies!!! ;)
They say that Marvin is also a risk-taker and VERY adventurous!  The girl he ends up with will never have a dull moment. His motto is "boredom is a choice". His career goal that he is going to college for is to be a pilot...Think about HOW handsome he will look in that pilot's uniform...with those little golden pilot wings!!!

BUT more that pilot wings on his uniform, think about him puttin little gold wings on YOUR HEART, as he pilots your heart... takin flight, soaring together... through the sky... as...

 ♥Marvin Cardenas Coreas♥
 takes YOU on the adventure of a LIFETIME!!!
If interested, you can stalk him further HERE!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)