Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Holy Ghost gift!!!

Soooo I was reading back to an incident from over a year ago, when we had a HUGE Holy Ghost breakthrough with the Sunday school kids. 6 kids in ONE service got the Holy Ghost and others were at the alter just weepin in God's presence!!! It was such an amazin experiance, seein SOOO many kids to pray with and NOT even know who to pray with...BUT...I had TOTALLLLY forgotten about the GIFT someone gave me that night!!!
This part that I read just CRACKED me up all over again!!!
"THEN after it was all over and we're herding the kids to the van, I feel SOMETHING lumpy in my shirt...I am like What in the world?!?! I reach in AND I pull out A DIRTY TISSUE!!! I have NO idea who's it was, BUT in between all the praying, one of the kids stuck their DIRTY TISSUE DOWN my shirt!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!"
I had TOTALLLLY FORGOTTEN about that!!! ONLY MY KIDS!!! I guess it was THEIR OWN little Holy Ghost gift to me!!!
I sooooo LOVE THEM!!!
♥Mary Frances :)