Friday, September 23, 2011

Esther UPDATE!!!

I just want say thank to all the people that have told me that they were praying in response to my email on Tuesday...that really, really, really, REALLLLLY means a lot to me and I really appreciate it!!! :) Someone said they wish they lived closer so that they could help me BUT as far as I am concerned, IF YOUR PRAYIN that totally IS HELPIN!!!
Esther DID indeed come on Wednesday!!! So did Martina, another Old timer and her neice and cousin...Amazingly, she ACTUALLY called me ahead of time to let me know that she was ready AND waiting for me like half an hour EARLY!!! Which, if you know the African people, it is a TOTAL miracle in itself!!! So Sam preached a REALLLLY good message about the love of God and I could tell it really was gettin to her ESPECIALLY since she had just read his testimony the night before!!! it was really funny cause I could tell when certain parts of the message were REALLLY gettin to her cause ALL of the sudden she was gettin alls sweet and lovey dovey towards her neice....

Which MAY NOT seem odd to you all BUT...if you had seen her when she got in the van for church. She told me that she HAS to take her cuz she is watchin her for her aunt...sooo they get in the car and she is like, "YO Deedee, if you are bad, I will beat you up girl!!! I will cut you, I will CUT YOU GIRRRL!!!" LOL Which may sound rather violent...but its actually pretty NORMAL!!! Actually, that is the Americanized version!!! NORMALLY the parents just SCREAM...I will beat you!!! I will BEAT you!!! I WILL BEAT YOU!!! (Thats the FIRST African I learned how to speak!!!:)
Soooo it was pretty funnny when all of the sudden at alter call she is just dotin on deedee!!! Like she went from Bon Qui Qui to MOTHER THERESA!!! LOLOL!!! But its ALL good!!! She heard the world and totally agreed to start doin a Bible study with me once a week. Its cRaZy though!!! She told me that she is gonna be 16 this January...I'm like what???!!! SHUT UP your lyin!!! She is like NOPE!!! So I did the math...and YUP....WOW!!! Then she asked me how old I WAS!!! And I'm like 28...and she was like, nu uh YOUR LYIN!!! I'm like NOPE she said she thought I was like 24 i'm like...yeah I was FOUR YEARS ago!!! HAHA!!!
But we had a good time two and from church talkin about the OLD DAYS!!! My favorite memory was when she was like, Remember how we used to play the pillow fights on the balancin beam at the Holy Ghost party every year and I'm like yeah, she is like, and then Patience decided to change the name of the game from "Pillow fight" to "Knock down the white girl!" BAHAHHAA!!! That had me laughin REALLLLY hard!!!
Then she asked me if I had ever been to THE FEILD??? I'm like, WHAT FEILD??? She is like, THE AFRICAN FEILD??? I'm like whats that??? She is like, its a park where all the African people go and hang out...she told me I should go there cause I would find A LOT of African people there to bring to church...soooo I think I might pick her up and go sometime...she said its off of Dunlap or something...I think thats pretty far from our church...BUT still I wanna go and bring cookies and see who I can see...YOU NEVER KNOW!!!
When she told me last week that she wanted to come back cause she wasn't doing good...I said WEEELLL I guess that means God has been hearin my prayers...I've been prayin that he would make your life MISERABLE without him!!! She was like I can't believe you've been prayin that I would be miserable...I'm like HEEEEY if thats what it takes to get you back in church...What does it matter if you have a good, happy life if you end up going to hell and she said... yeah, THATS TRUE!!!
Keep prayin FOLKS!!! God hears it!!! I'll keep you all UPDATED!!!
♥Mary Frances :)