Friday, September 23, 2011

My P.B hubby!!!

I came to the conclusion the other day that I want marry PEANUT BUTTER!!! For realz!!! I WANT TO MARRY PEANUT BUTTER!!! Okaaaaaaaaaay let me explain myself!!! :)
I was buying peanut butter the other day and I couldn't help but think of my future husband!!! If your thinkin, OKAAAAAAY weird Mary!!! Don't feel bad, thats EXACTLEY what my sis told me when I told HER while we were shoppin at Frys!!!! LOL!!!
My sis had told me to go get P.B and I was lookin at all of them....they were all the same but then DIFFERENT!!! Sooo many choices over just ONE THING!!! Thats when I saw it...Smooth & Nutty!!!
Aha! I had a moment of enlightment and I told my sis, me and my hubby are gonna be like PEANUT BUTTER!!! (She got that okaaaay you need HELP look on her face at this moment!!!) I'm like, BUT he's gonna be smooth p.b. cuz I'm already like, really nutty. She's just like, Okaaaay I could've lived without knowing this, please just go find the next item!!! (Idk perhaps it was the fact that we were in a very crowded aisle at the moment!;)
Soooo we're different...BUT we're BOTH PEANUT BUTTER!!! Cuz there are some things about us that I want to be the same!!! Like, I really wanna marry someone that like LOVES God soooooooo much... (DUH!!!) like me!!! Someone with really strong convictions and a LOVE for holiness!!! (Hellllllloooo!!!) AND someone that really, really, really, really LOVES people(Where are you Wooten???) and has a burden for the lost!!! Teaching Bible studies together, bringin people to church, teahcin Sunday school...I mean like seriousley, thats how I want to spend my life, reaching souls together...FOR REALZ!!!
But think about it SMOOOOTH and NUTTTTY PEANUT BUTTER!!!! Cuz I wanna marry someone that is PEANUT BUTTER LIKE ME!!! Cause I mean lets face it, whoever ACTUALLLY marrys me is gonna be a NUT to begin with, BUT there is NO WAAAAAAAAAAY they can be as NUTTY as me or else our marriage would just be a DISASTER!!! LOLOLOL!!! Sooooooo he's gotta be SMOOTH!!! ;) HAHAHA!!!
Which I always, always, always, ALWAYS thought that I would want to marry someone JUST like me...cuz I mean after all...I LOVE ME!!! Hee, hee!!! I took this personality test once, and it basically said that the BEST person for me is like a TOTAL DUD!!! Okaaaay it didn't quite say DUD!!! But it said someone that is very logical and thinks with their head and NOT their ♥heart♥!!! ( A Rational Mastermind) Should be INTERESTIN!!! HAHAHA!!!

Heeey, heeey, HEEEEEEEEEY NOW!!!
At least i'm claimin to be NUTTY!!!! ;)
Find yours HERE!!!
Awwwwwwww look at him!!! He is soooooooo handsome!!!! Can't you just see the two p.b. jars with a lil tux and veil??? *Sigh!!! Soooooo ROMANTIC!!!

♥Mary Frances :)