Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Foot-in-mouth Syndrome!!!

Soooo i've come to the conclusion that I suffer from a SERIOUS case of the FOOT IN MOUTH SYNDROME!!! I say these things and then I realize, LIKE OMW!!! I TOTALLLY did not even mean it like that!!!!
For example us girls were gettin ready for California Adventure and when we were in the van one of the girls were like OH I forgot was like an accessory or something and I'm like, Oh wellll who cares!!! Its the day before Youth Alive at DisneyLand so its not like there will be any Apostolic guys there ANYWAYZ!!! All the guys from my church were like, UH Mary yes there will be, i'm like NOOOOOOOO!!! There like, uh what ABOUT US??? Yeah MARY, i'm glad we see where we are in your world!!! I'm like OH!!! Oooooops!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
Then Thursday, on the way to Youth Alive I was talking to Jonathon Stultz, one of the guys in our church that just graduated from high school this past year. So we're in the van and i'm like, So Jonathon are you goin to college? (Cuz he is like SUPER smart and i would totally think he is in college, NOT that i'm sayin your NOT smart if you don't go to college!!!) And he is like yeah. And I'm like oh WELL I was just wondering cuz I haven't heard you talk about it much and he is like well theres not really much to say, its just school! So I ask him what he is gettin a degree in and he says either business or science.
Soooo I'm like OH what would you do with a science degree? ANd he says engineering and I'm like Oooooo engineers make GOOOOD money don't they?! And he is like welll most of the time just depending! So i'm like, WEEEELLLL... I'm sure WHATEVER they make is like WAAAAAAY more than MAINTENANCE!!!
It just gets like TOTALLY silent in the van...i'm thinkin like ummmm WHY is everyone being sooo quiet at this moment??? Then I realize that like half the guys, and most of the men in our church, includin our youth leader work in MAINTENANCE!!! AAAAAUUUUGGGHH!!!
I'm like NOOOO!!! I didn't mean it like that you guys!!!! And and the whole van just starts laughing as I try explain myself!!! No, dad is a custodian and we were always low income and like I mean, I'm NOT sayin that you all are low income, i'm just sayin that an engineer....
They're like, yeah sure WHATEVER...and Bro. Sam our youth leader is like, YEAH if any guys come up to me and ask to talk to you at Youth Alive the first thing I'm gonna do is ask them if they work MAINTENANCE!?!?!
I'm like, NOOOOOOOOOOO I'm not like that!!! i'm NOT one of those girls that is out to marry a rich guy to buy her expensive stuff...I mean he does HAVE to have a job, that can hopefully support a family, you know pay the bills and hopefully a car...with AC, i mean a new outfit every once in a while would be really NICE, I'm cool with Goodwill and okaaaaaaaay I'll just....
SHUT UP NOW!!!!!!!
Awwww my feet taste soooo good!!! ;)

♥Mary Frances :)