Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm BACK!!!

Guess what everyone??? I'm HOME!!!!!!! Miss me??? I asked my brothers that and they were like, we didn't even know you were gone!!!LOL!  AT least my mom said she missed me though!!!!!
We got back today in the late afternoon and headed straight to church and Bro. Baker preached and it was soooo goood!!! It was an AWESOME TRIP!!! We all had soooo much fun!!! I had a few Mary Moments and quite a few laughs!!! I got to see sooo many people and made sooo many NEW friends too!!! I can't wait to email EVERYONE!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Xoxo!!! ♥
You all should have seen me yesturday night after Disneyland!!! I was soooooooo tired when we got back to the hotel I literally just walked like a ZOMBIE back to the room and crashed out on the bed...hardly even got my sneakers off!!! NOW if you all  know me, YOU KNOW that I am ALWAYS the LAST one to go to sleep at night!!! I'll even tell the other girls to take showers and stuff before me so I can socialize and get my stuff ready for the mornin and whateverrrr...but NOT LAST NIGHT man!!! WOW!!!
It was a BUSY trip for our youth group!!! We were pretty much on the go NON STOP!!! I can't wait to post pics for you all...just pray that I find my phone adapter so I can upload these pics!!! AnywayZ, thanks to the Burbank Church for hosting this event...its quite AWESOME!!! :)))
Oooo yeah, soooo your all probabley wonderin if I CAUGHT anything castin on the other side??? LOL Weeeeeellllll lets just say that my net was sooooo full I wasn't prepared and couldn't fully lift the net back over the boat...I wasn't strong enough and everything sunk...hahaha...Sooooooo I guess I've got some weight liftin to do before WCC!!! ;)))
♥Mary Frances :)

p.s. SOOOOO even with this trip, I am still up to date with my Bible readin...10 pages a day...YAY!!! I feel sooooooo COOOOL about this!!! :)