Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ironing Skills!!!

IRONING!!! *Sigh...its the ONE domestic skill have NOT yet conquered!!! See girls don't really have to iron most of their clothes(I don't get these girls that still iron EVERYTHING includin their jean skirts!!! WHY would you iron a jean skirt???) these days but guys are a differnt story!!! (Just ask my former employer when she asked me to iron her husband's shirt for her...HAHAHA!!! I think she really regretted that!!! What happened really wasn't MY FAULT...its a long story, you can ask me about in person if you like! I'm just like okaaaaaaaaay you know what, he's YOUR husband, NOT mine!!!:)
I'm hopin to marry that ONE man that brings all his shirts to the dry cleaners!!! But NO, I'm sure I'll end up with one thats all like, "If you LOVED me you would iron my shirt!" LOL And I will, OF COURSE!!! He may regret askin...BUT I will lovingly burn those wrinkles right out!!! ;) HAHA!!! (Then AGAIN, by the time I ACTUALLLLLY get married, they may be makin men's clothes so that they don't really have to be ironed either!!! LOL!)
Here is a picture of my AMAZIN ironin skills at Youth Alive!!! Took my skirt outta the suitcase, flung it over the hotel TV for a day...and VOILA!!! Denae was like MARY, that skirt is sooo beautiful you have gotta iron that...but I SURE DIDn't!!! LOL!
I challenge you all do answer this question; Did ANYONE at Youth Alive notice any wrinkles on my skirt??? If you did please allow me to give you a hearty and sincere CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Then please come here sooooo I can...
B. Tell you to get a life!!!
I mean that in a good, Christian way....OF COUSE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)