Friday, September 16, 2011


Sooooo magor DRAMA since I posted last night with my excuses for WHY I hadnt finished my testimony...which it was a good thing I waited cuz the ending came together in my mind thanks to God's inpiration...
ANYWAYZ, Kim FINALLLLY showed up for dinner an hour and FOUR minutes LATE!!! LOL! So of course as soon as Kim and Cesar show up... CHAOS!!! HAHA!!! So Kim gets her dinner, my sis and I had decided NOT to wait for her, so she gets her dinner and has taken about to bites and i'm like ooooo okaaaaaaay Kim, I have GOTTA tell you this story!!!
Sooooooooo I'm in the middle of telling her and my sister and the kids this really funny story about my nephew, which the story I'm SURE will be a whole a blog post in itself, but I'm totally into this story, I just got done throwing myself on the ground and hittin the floor to emphasize myself, everyone is of course LAUGHIN and...

There is a huge flash lookin like lighting strikin the ground in our back yard, then it happens again and then there is utter and COMPLETE pitch blackness and THEN we smell SMOKE!!! AAAAUUGH...Wellll let me tell you something...our household went wIlD!!!!
I'm still on the floor from havin told my story and we ALLLL just get up and run outside, which is also already. ALL the neighbors EVERYWHERE were outside tryin to figure out what was going on. Most of us have NEVER talked to each other but let me tell you something, you take away peoples, electricity, lighs, TV, AC, Internet, phones and MAN everyone suddenly has time to SOCIALIZE...LOL!
So all of the sudden we see a firetruck and there are firemen EVERYWHERE!!! I'm like, OMW Kim!!! We have GOTTA go see whats going on!!! I'm like, lets go over there and act like we're just going out for some excercise...HAHA!!! Kim is like, OH YEAH, with your cookin apron still on!!! I'm like OH WELL, lets just GO!!! Cuz there is NOOOOOOOOOOO waaaaaaaaaay I am missin out on see ALL THESE ♥♥♥♥FIREMEN!!!!!!!!! ;) ♥♥♥♥♥
LOL Sooooooo we go over there and it turns out THAT one of the electrical lines had EXPLODED and there was a fire in our ally and EVERYTHING...Pretty excitin stuff...let me tell you!!! I'm just like OMW!!! NO INTERNET!!! How am I gonna finish writing my story!!!! AND awww man, I can't even see myself in the mirror...I'm gonna be soooooo BORED!!! Kim is like exclaiming how cool it is to see a "Ghetto bird" ( Police helicoptor) in the sky that ACTUALLY isn't chasing her!!!! My sis was just like, NO AC its soooooo HOT...Kim is like, Oh we can call my pastor to fix it...HAHAHA!!![Bro. Lacour owns a AC business (Denali is the em if your ac goes out...they are there is a cute pic of Keri on the website...if you call she MIGHT be the one to answer...she is SINGLE guys!!! ;))))
Then I got bored and went back inside the house and I hear Kim askin Cesar, "where's Mary? he is like all casual, "Oh she is inside takin pictures of herself!" So Kim is like WHAT? She comes and catches me in action!!! She is like NO YOUR NOT!!! I'm like, OH YES I AM!!! She is like, WOW Mary, WOW!!! I'm like, Uh YEAH, WOW is right, thats what I say everytime I see my pics of myself....thats why I keep takin them!!! ;)
Then me and Kim are haulin this little table and chairs to her car for her apartment and I am like, with the lights all out right now, this probabley looks soooooooo SUSPICIOUS!!! So I just yell out to all the neighbors...HEEEEY yeah, we thought since all the lights were out and everyone's alarms are off and stuff, this would be a GREAT time to breakin in to all ya alls houses!!! KIM is like laughin soooooooo hard!!! SHe is like JOKIN, what a great idea!!! MARY, where were you when I was in the hood??? I'm like ummmmm...I think pickin up...wait NO...stealing Sunday school i've been accused of by some non-Apostolic churches...hahaha...and we bust up laughin!!!
Soooooo finally, we get word that that the lights won't be back on till like 6 am and me and my sis are like okaaaaaaaaaaay there is NOOOOOOOOO way we are spendin the night here in this blackness...sooooooo of course we head to MY MOM'S!!! LOL!!! My brother John is like, what are you guys doing HERE??? I'm like all casual, oh our electrical line blew up and there was a fire in the ally so we got no lights and air and stuff. THen I start walkin into his room with my stuff...he is like WHERE ARE YOU GOING??? I'm like, i'm spendin the night with YOU!!! He is like WHAT??? I'm like YEEEEAAAAH...SLEEPOVER!!!!
But it was soooo SWEET cuz he made up the couch in his room for me and then even though I was RIGHT there he still texted me, "Goodnight! I love you! :)" we've texted that EVERY night to each other since he was in the hospital for chemo and I'm sure he wouldn't want me ANNOUNCIN that on my blog, BUT, since he doesn't "HAVE TIME" to read my blog anyways, I guess he won't everrr know!!! :)
Soooo then it was time to got to bed and my sis was like, turn out the light. And i'm like WHAT??? I want to read my Bible first. She is like, I wanna go to sleep and I was like OH THANK GOD we don't share a room anymore...that brought back sooooo many late night fights between me and her back in the day...I'm like OOOOOOOO so this is why we get a long sooooo well...we have our OWN ROOMS!!! Soooooo yeah, I ended the night readin my Bible by flashlight and I just want to say,

Thank God for my own room!!! Thank God for AC!!! Electricity!!! INTERNET and all these other wonderful, glorious modern conviences...AHHHH....SOOOO NICE!!
Sooooo yeah...that was my oh so exciting its time to FINISH that testimony!!!

♥Mary Frances :)