Thursday, October 13, 2011


 Okaaaaaaaay soooo I found out WHO Steve Jobs is!!! Bahaha!!! I didn't have to look it up on Google either...Nicole Wakefield(Read their blog HERE) helped me out...this is how it all unfolded...

Nic to me

5:37 PM me: Heeeey!!!
5:38 PM What's up girrrrl???
 Nic: Haha hi Mary!
  Well! I'm justhanging out at my house!
5:39 PM Hey.... Ummmmmmm
 me: Yessss girrrl???
 Nic: I just read your post!!! ARE YOU JOKING?!? LOL
 me: About WHAT???
  Steve Jobs???
 Nic: Yeaaaaaah hahahaha
5:40 PM me: NOOOOO!!!
  WHO IS HE???
  I still haven't looked it up!!!
  I just heard that he died!!!
 Nic: Ohhh my WORD HAHA!!! I think you are the only one :)))) but I think it's awesome that you DON'T!!!
5:41 PM He invented Apple. The brand. The company. HAHA
 me: For REALZ???
  I thought that was Bill Gates!!!
 Nic: All the shiny silver laptops iPhones and iPods hahahahahaha!!!
 me: HAHAHAHA!!!
5:42 PM Nic: I think you are my new hero hahaha
 me: Bahahaha!!!
 Nic: I love it that you have no idea about what is supposedly "important" im serious... LOLOL
  He died of liver failure
5:43 PM me: Awwww...well I thank you for loving that about me!!!
 Nic: Hahahaa no problem :))
 me: but Aw that stinks about him dying!!!
5:44 PM Nic: Yeah... He was really smart... No telling what weird inventions we'll miss out on since he's gone haha...
5:46 PM Oh and btw bill gates founded the comp program Windows
 me: Yeah Microsoft Word...RIGHT???
5:47 PM Nic: Yeah!
 me: Welll I still dont' have and iphone or NOTHING!!! LOL!
 Nic: Hahhaha
5:48 PM me: I had an ipod once but sold it so I could go to a YOuth Conference!!! Bahahaha!!!
 Nic: Wooaaah that's awesome! Haha!
  Unique way to raise money :)))
5:50 PM me: LOL! was a good conference too!!! HAHAHA!!!

What's REALLLLLY funnnny is that I was just thinkin last week about how I FINALLY gave the iPhone my APROVAL!!! Cuz I was haingin out with my friend Alyssa and I was tryin to take a pic of myself on her iPhone and I was like, see this is WHY I don't even like iPhones...its REALLLLLY hard to get a good pic of yourself!!! And she was like, MARY, all you have to do is click right here...she showed me and then VOILA, you can see yourself on the screen AND take the pic...I was like OMW!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! And I was thinkin, Okaaaay I now give iPhones my aproval!!! And I was thinkin...won't Bill Gates be happy to know that he now has Classic Mary Moments aproval of iphones??? I guess Bill Gates REALLY COULD care less!!! HAHAHA!!!

♥Mary Frances :)