Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Am i like the ONLY person in the world that has NO clue WHO STEVE JOBS is??? Weelll anywho, ima have to look him up on google!!! Sorry for no blog post today, i've been havin technical difficulties with the desktop...currently on my lap top...I need to figure out how to connect the regular keyboard and my bling, bling mouse, to my lap top because my fingers are really cramped on here!!! Anywayz, time to go find out about Steve Jobs!!!!!!!! Oh WAIT!!! Btw- Bible College started and I'm in Bro. Garrett's, as ALWAYZ, and its soooooooooo GOOOOOOOD!!! Book of Proverbs: The Issues of Life! Which I absolutely love and adore the book of Proverbs!!! But yeah, its REALLLLY GOOOOD!!! We have homework TOO...we have to read one Proverb a day and LOOK UP the word Pithy...LOL I think I have learned soooo much just from the first class already!!! Plus, Bro. Garrett's pretty funny too!!! He told us what to do if your wife is a bad cook...should you eat it or NOT??(Proverbs 21:9) HAHAHAHA!!! Welllll i'm sure you all will be hearing about all the WISDOM I gain from this class...haha!!! Okaaaaaaay I'm really gonna go look up Steve Jobs now!!
♥Mary Frances :)