Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Okaaaaaaaaaaaay EVERYONE sooooo you know that AWKWARD MOMENT  when your pastor pulls you aside and has a talk with...ABOUT...(Ooooo what do you all think my pastor would pull me aside to talk to me about????) about writing out a check to pay my tithes that.... 
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Waaaaaaaaaiiiiiitttt  you all are tellin me that this has NEVER happened to you before????? LOL!!! Oooooo pull up a chair, cuz I HAVE GOT A GOOOOOD story to tell you all!!! :)

Okaaaaaaaay so I guess you can say that I have NEVER really gotten in trouble or talked to by my pastor for the NORMAL, things young people get talked to about. So this one beautiful, lovely Sunday morning my sis and I are leavin the church when my pastor, this was when BISHOP ABBOTT was still my pastor, Bro. Abbott pulls me aside. 

He holds out a VERY CUTE( I had pooh bear a Tigger ones) check and is like, THIS BOUNCED!!! I'm like, HUH? He is like YOUR CHECK, that you paid  your tithes with, it BOUNCED, cost the church some money too!!! I'm like OMW!!! But I like HONESTLY have NO IDEA WHAT HE IS TALKIN ABOUT because I hadn't even had a bank account for several years...Its ANOTHER long story BUT I was boycotting banks at this current time in my life...LOL... 

So I'm just like, WELL thats NOT MY CHECK!!! He's like, Uh this ISN'T YOUR SIGNATURE??? So I look and SURE was MY big O sloppy handwriting autographin the check!!! I was like...Awwww pastor EVEN KNOWS MY HANDWRITING!!! LOL!!!

Sooooo i''m like, OH WELL YEAH that is mine but I don't know...I don't even HAVE a bank account anymore!!! Those checks are from quite a few years ago AND...AND...AND OH...THEN I KNEW WHAT IT WAS FROM!!!

About a month ago my sis had found an old tithing envelope in her room when she was cleanin from when we had still lived at my mom's...AND she was like, OH Mary LOOK Tithes that you never turned in!!! Soooo I was just OH ok...weeeeellll I better put them in the offerin and without even openin the envelope I had just put it in the next service...WHAT I didn't know was that it was THAT CHECK!!!

So I explained it EXACTLEY to Bishop and ...he was just like, Weeeelll just make it RIGHT!!! Which meant I had to PAY MY TITHES and ALL the fees that the bank had charged the church!!! He wasn't mad or NOTHING at my STUPIDITY!!! I think he was just PONDERING...HOW it was even possible for someone to have written out a BAD CHECK...TO PAY...of all things... THEIR TITHES!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  But you know WITH MARY...

All cRaZy things are POSSIBLE!!!

♥Mary Frances :)