Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Died In Your City...

This poem was read during one of the preachings at WCC. My heart was soooo touched when I heard this. I just can't explain to you how it gripped me...I listened to the preaching CD and copied it word ofr word to share with you all...its so devestatingly sad, yet its so motivating...its compelling... Let it speak to YOU!!!
I died in your city, yes I died,
I'm in hell burning and my brain is fried,
I was on drugs and alcohol,
My back was up against the wall,
The fellowship from down the road,
Wasn't there to lift my load,
The bus ministry that was supposed to be,
Never came and invited me,
I will get to it later, so you said,
 but you can't now, you see, i'm dead!
I was in your city and on your street,
I was a teenage runaway with nowhere to go,
But you wouldn't tell me how to save my soul,
Maybe I was rich, maybe I was poor,
But thats no reason for NOT knocking on my door.
So I ran to the master of death instead,
Like I told you before now i'm dead.
Oh it wasn't as if you didn't care,
But you said its another's job to go there,
Your what, might have, or could've been,
Is what could have saved me ...
from this place i'm in,
There are more out there, just like me,
So don't say some other time please,
Or wait till later, or wait for fate,
Reach them now, before its to late!!!
♥Mary Frances :)