Monday, November 28, 2011

Furtherin my testimony!!!

Sooooo several weeks ago, we were having testimony service at my church and I when it was my turn to testify I was like, I just wanna thank God for the Holy Ghost!!! And I was talkin about how I still remember that day when I finally got it...I was ONLY 6 years old but I was the best day of my whole life!!!
And I was talkin about how there is NO birthday, no achievement, no goal, NOT even high school graduation supercedes that day in my life. And THEN I like paused...LOL...and I was like and I'm sure that day would be EVEN  better than my wedding day...BUT... I really don't know...since i've never actually gotten married...ahahaha...I'm like I mean I know it WILL be BUUUUUUUUT...I can't actually say it is UNTIL I know...Everyone starts laughin...(I said it really just to make this one man, my friends dad, Bro. Dave laugh...cuz he is ALWAYS jokin with me about findin a husband and stuff...he was laughin really hard when I said this...)
Soooooo yeah people, you need to remember to join me in prayer for a husband!!! Now don't be thinkin that I'm bein all carnal with this request!!! I would REALLLLY like to be able to tell people that getting the Holy Ghost REALLLLLY WAS better than getting married!!! LOL!!!
This IS NOT about ME!!!
...I'm just being totally humble...unselfish...benevolent...NOBLE...
I'll give God ALL THE GLORY...
I just want to further my testimony!!!
♥Mary Frances :)