Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kimmy Kat CHILD CARE @ WCC!!!

 Okaaaaay soooo at WCC they have child care during the night services for your children...weeeeellll my friend Kim was absolutely SIKED about this!!! LOL!!! She was like tellin me...MARY!!! I can NOT wait...Cesar is GOING and I'm gonna GET MY BLESSING!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!! (Thats just Kimmy Kat for you!!!)

 Soooooo she is signing him in and the sweet sister's in charge were VERY KINDLY telling her that she HAD to have this slip of paper that they were giving her to pick him back up at the end of the night...and they were like,"Sis, you HAVE to have this slip of paper to pick your son up at the end of the night! You can't pick him up UNLESS you have it!" SOOOOOOOOO Kim is like, I HAVE TO HAVE IT? They are like, Yes, Ma'aam! She is like, so your saying IF I don't have this slip of paper I can't pick him up? They are like, YES!!!
 Kim is like, OKAAAAAAAAY...sounds good to me!!! She THEN takes the slip of paper and just THROWS it over her shoulder!!! 
I'm like OOOOOOOOOooooo you guys don't know KIM!!! You told that to the WRONG PERSON!!!
 Aparently the rule wasn't TOTALLY accurate...cuz at the end of the night...
♥Mary Frances :)