Monday, November 7, 2011

Classic Mary Moments @WCC

Okaaaaaaaaaay soooooooo of course there were a just a couple CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS at WCC that I am just gonna HAVE TO share with you all!!! :)
Sooooooo first of all, as you all know from my posts, I ALWAYS refer to my nephew as Gwapo, which means handsome in Tagalog, which is the Filipino language. Sooooo one day after the morning service we were all standin in line with my family and a bunch of other people from my church at Home Town Buffet and the line was like taking FOREVERRR to pay so I decided to entertain myself with my nephew who was with his parent's a little wayz ahead of me in line. Soooooo without thinkin I just yell out, "HEEEEY GWAPO!!!" And like EVERY man in line in front of me like turned around and looked at me!!! I was like OMW!!! WHY is everone lookin at me?!?!?!  THEN I remembered... gwapo means HANDSOME in Spanish too!!! Oooops!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

BUT that embarrassing moment was NOTHING compared to what had happened to me EARLIER that day!!! Okaaaaaaay sooooo I always get up earlier than everyone else in my room almost ALWAYS at all confrences so that I can get ready first...and have some time to mess around before we leave. So I did that that morning too...went down to the lobby, got on my email and drank like 3 free cups of!!! 

Sooo after about 45 minutes my mom calls me and says that they are driving up to the lobby so come outside...soooo i'm like ok and I'm thinkin in my head...OH i'm just gonna use the restroom REAL QUICK before I go outside. Welll I like RUN into the bathroom and for some ODD reason I set my purse on the counter and run into the stall. Weeellll I hear someone ELSE come into the bathroom and I'm thinkin, OH MAN, should I have left my  purse on the counter like that??? DUMB...yes, I KNOW!!! :) 

So I rush out of the bathroom and notice that there is NO one else in the bathroom, I'm like OH THEY LEFT??? How odd?! And As I'm rushing by the first stall, I notice urinals...I'm like, WOW urinals in the ladies room??? OMW!!! That is sooooooo messed up!!!! I mean like seriousley, WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO??? Then I'm like realizin...OMW URINALS!!!!! I THINK I JUST USED THE MEN'S ROOM!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGGGGGGGG!!!!!

So i like RUN OUT OF THE BATHROOM with LIGHTENING SPEED and ACTUALLY LOOK at the door, and sho nuff it said MEN'S!!!!! Aparently, a man must have walked in, saw MY PURSE on the counter and turned around and walked right back out!!! AHAHAHAHAHA! I can only imagine WHAT they were thinkin when they saw that!!! My brother was like, either that or they just thought it was some kind of FAIRY man!!! LOL! 

Then I was tellin Bishop and his wife at lunch that day and they were all laughing and Bro. Abbott was like, trust me, IF YOU had been at the conference hall when this happened, YOU WOULD HAVE KNOWN RIGHT AWAY that you were in the MEN'S BATHROOM!!! was BAD...but it could have been A LOT WORSE!!!!!!!! I don't even want to think about it!!!!! AAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHH!!!

♥Mary Frances :)