Friday, November 11, 2011


Weeeelll it seems like EVERRR since I got back from WCC I have been asked TWO questions NON-STOP....LOL...
1. WHEN are you gonna post your WCC pictures on your blog???
The answer to the first question IS...its lookin like SATURDAY!!! I have so many pics and i'm tryin to crop them and make a picassa album and write comments with them...soooo JUST WAIT!!! ;)
Answer to the second question...uh YEAH...I met A LOT OF people!!! Made LOTSA NEW FRIENDS!!! HAHA!!! EVERYONE Is like NO MARY!!! DID YOU MEET A GUY??? HAHAHA!!! I don't know why that question is bein asked to me MORE than like ANY OTHER conference I have  EVERRRR been too!!! But the answer to that question is...

(STALKERS!!! You all been spyin on me!!! :)
He's TALL, DARK, mysterious AND...

Ooooo you all weren't expectin me to say carmel now WERE YOU??? ;) ;) ;)
Isn't he HANDSOME???
Ooooooooo don't be jealous girlZ...don't be worried guys...

He ALSO happens to be my...
WE just happen to look NOTHING alike!!! Ahahaha...but we really are BLOOD siblings!!! He just happens to look Italian like my mom and I just HAPPEN too look my dad!!!  AND I love embarrassin him and lettin everyone think otherwise...its THE BEST!!! Like I would pretend with my other two brothers but EVERYONE ALWAYS knows INSTANTLY that we are siblings...but stangers NEVERRRR guess with him!! SOOO I just LOVE sayin things like, OH honey, your SUCH A GOOD HUSBAND!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
 AHahaha...OH but girls...the BESTEST way to embarass your brother is IF there are TWO SISTERS and you pretend that your polygmmists...I talked my sis into doing this with me only ONE time but it was sooooo THE BEST!!! Just followin him ALL over Home Depot, both of us loopin our arms through his saying...Your the best husband EVER TO US!!! Your sooo nice!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! THEN to really stir things up you start sayin, He's MINE!!! NO! He's mine!!! OH yeah...WEELLLL he married ME FIRST!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
AnywayZ, he is MY ONLY BROTHER left that is STILL SINGLE LADIES!!! So if your interested he is like 21 or 22 or 23 or wait is he turning 23 or 24 this month??? OMW!!! I'm sittin here realizin that I have like NO idea how old my brother is!!!! Ooooo well...age is just a number anwayZ...we NO the important stuff...He loves God, is good with his money an AWESOME preacher and HANDSOME!!!

If you want to check him out MORE LADIES...go HERE!!! ;)
 AND don't worry stalkers guys, I REALLY am STILL SINGLE!!! ;) ;) ;)
♥Mary Frances :)