Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Six Years!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllll This past month of October marked my SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY of workin with the African Refugees!!! What an awesome, amaZin blessed years it has been!!! I still remember the VERY first time I heard about them!!!

I was in my Journalism class at PVCC, actually we were havin a staff meetin for the college newspaper and my journalism teacher was telling myself and my peers about a group of African refugees that she had come into contact with and she thought it would be great if our news staff planned a Christmas party with them and brought presents for the kids and food and stuff...

I remember the whole class just sittin there staring at her like, TOTALLY NOT EVEN interested...and I remember her saying that she was bringin them to her church and I remember thinkin OMW...I wanna bring those kids to MY CHURCH...because MY CHURCH has THE TRUTH!!!

Sooooo everyone was soooooooo NOT interested in doin it and this one guy was like, those kids live in the Palomino Square area...I'm NOT going over there!!! And I remember thinkin...Okaaaaay your a guy and your SCARED...what a sissylala!!! LOLOL!!! 

AND then I remember the first time I went with my youth group to do outreach over there...I was SUPPOSED  have my article for the school paper turned in AND I was ALREADY a day late...BUT I was plannin on gettin it done later...WHAT I wasn't countin on was my TEACHER showin up at the apartments!!! I remember the kids saw her and they were like, HEEEEEEEEEEY guess what?! We're going to church with MARY tomorrow!!! She was like, Hi Mary! I'm still waitin for YOUR paper!!! I was like OMW...caught red handed outreachin...haha!!! 

I just want to post some pics to remember these past six years....I've seen some of the most AMAZIN things and felt God in ways I can't explain while workin with these kids!!! The most amaZin times have been when God just poured out his spirit while in Bible classes...SOOOO AMAZIN!!! 

Here are some pics and links to stories with the kids its long and ENJOY lookin and readin cuz i'm headin to WCC!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! (What I'm sayin is that I do not know how much I will be postin in the next couple of days...BUT I will try from our hotel!!! If I remember last year they had free internet and free coffee...Perfect combo for ME!!! LOL!;)



This past Sunday.... 

I can't wait to see WHAT all God has got in store for these people!!! It hasn't always been easy this past six years and there have been quite a few times where I have wanted to give up...but something tells me to keep on fightin for their souls!!! In Jesus Name WE PRESS ON!!!