Saturday, November 5, 2011


Its OVER!!!!!!!!!! OMW!!! I can't believe its OVER!!! It was sooooooooooo AWESOMELY AMAZIN!!! I had such a wonderful time!!! i JUST got back from the youth night and it was soooooo much fun!!! I ONLY have two years left to go as a SINGLE, NO KIDS, NEVER BEEN MARRIED, 30 and UNDER young person!!!!!!! I was like OMW what am I gonna do when i'm 31??? We're gonna have to start a petition to change the age to 35...course I'll probabley be the ONLY one still tryin to go...ACTUALLY now that I think about it...I was probabley the OLDEST young person there...OH wait NO I have a friend the same age as me...Anywayz, it was a GRAND old time!!!

I have lotsa stories to tell all MY friends back home...JAC get ready...SHANNON...LIZ... your sooooo gonna be laughin...AND to all my friends that I met...I can't wait to post pics of us all!!! AND I have some funny stuff to share on here of course too...

OH and the services were absolutely phenomonal!!! WOW!!! You could just feel God's presence soooo STRONG!!! It just felt GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! I think its pretty safe to say that the theme of the conference was soul winning!!! And its just sooooo I don't even know...I just want to cry when I think about all the people that need Jesus....I wanna tell them all!!! The first message was about that and so was the last message...then at alter call we were singing I AM A ONE GOD APOSTOLIC...and THEN...Bro. Von Morton got up and said that we NEEDED to GO HOME and reach the lost in our cities!!!! I'm soooooo pumped!!! I'm soooooooo ready...I've ALREADY got the cookies BAKED...Lord Bless them...I'm ready to get some souls IN JESUS NAME!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaay gnite everyone!!! I promise NEXT week will begin a NORMAL week of bloggin!!! Course...the adventures NOT really over yet since we still have to DRIVE HOME!!! YOU never know WHAT can happen with THE GINTYS!!!!!!!! AHAHAHA!!! ;)

♥Mary Frances :)