Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful for...

Weeeeelllllll with Thanksgiving around the corner...Its time to start saying WHAT I am Thankful for!!! AND as I said last night in our family prayer time, right now I am especially thankful for...

As you all know, I absolutely LOVE AND ADORE this girl!!! LOL!!! We have been spending a lot of time with each other this week. She called me up Monday night at Bible college and asked us to pick her up and OF COURSE I was happy to have my baby over!!! She has been here everyday since then and my sis drops her off in the morn for school. She said that she is gonna try to start going back to church...AND I was pretty much freakin out when I saw her in the ABOVE pic cuz she was in APOSTOLIC girl clothes...LOL...
I was like jumpin up and down clappin my hands when she couldn't see me and letting out SILENT screams...We don't know what all we're gonna do next, we're just playin things by ear and letting God unfold everything...BUT...I've been really happy all this week!!!
It was Tuesday morning and I got up and I was like YAAAAAAAY i have someone to take care of again!!! Immediatley put on my apron and started cookin up pancakes!!! Kim comes over and she like WOW...your sooo in your realm right now aren't you?!!? I'm like YUP!!!
I was givin her a cookin lesson on spagetti the other day...she LOVES spagetti...
She then told me that I'm soooo messed up for takin her pic while cookin...haha
 AND the below pic is of ME...IRONIN...ahaha!!! Kim saw me ironin and was just like WHAT?!?! YOUR IRONIN??? You NEVER Ironed for me Mary...I'm like ummmm...your 30 and she's 15!!!! AHahahaha...I'm like don't feel bad...I don't even iron MY OWN clothes!!! BUT if Esther wants to wear a long skirt and it needs to be ironed...I will sooooo IRON IT!!!
AnywayZ, I am soooo happy and excited about everything God has done and is doing and is going to do in her life!!! Don't forget to pray for her!!!!!! Ooooo wait to you all see her outfit for is sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

♥Mary Frances :)