Thursday, December 8, 2011

Does it bother you???

Soooo recently, someone was trying to set my friend Jac up with a single guy in his THIRTIES!!! Annnnd we hadn't even seen a pic of this guy or was just like all TALK!!! LOL So we're like talking about it and I was like, sooooooo like, does it BOTHER you that he is in his THIRTIES??? Cuz that just seems really waaaaaaaaaaay older...Im all I really think it would bother ME!!!
Sooooooo Jac kinda pauses and thinks about it for a second then says,Well Mary, I AM 28 years old...thats getting close to thirty! So I'm like, Oh yeah, huh...THATS TRUE!!! I forget that your 28 NOW!!! Then Jac kinda pauses again and says...
YOUR 29!!!
I'm like, HUH?! Oooo! OH YEAH...thats RIGHT!!! I AM 29!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)