Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I wish...

I was holding a seven-year-old I bring to church on my lap last week and I was smoothing her cheeks and I said...YOU ARE SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! And she said...I'm UGLY!!! I said, I SAY YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!! And she said, Weeeellll...I SAY I'M UGLY!!! I sighed and said...I wish I could give you some of my self-esteem!!! HAHAHA!!!

Seriousley though, I wish for Christmas...I could give some away...I wish I could make people see the beautiful person that they are!!! I've NEVERRR been able to understand how these beautiful girls can't see what they really are!!!! I used to think that girls just said that they were ugly cuz they were fishin for a compliment...but i'm startin to realize that people are seriousley lacking self-esteem...I take it as a personal mission to help change that...LOL... Any of you girlZ out there tonight....feeling down...feelin ugly...YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!! NOT because of what anybody else has said...BUT because GOD MADE YOU!!! The only way you could get any prettier is to love God more!!!!
 "It is the holiness of God that makes us beautiful. Christ in us is the beauty that  radiates to the entire world.There is something about a strong relationship with God that brings a radiant, ravishing beauty that will not be overlooked.  Real Beauty comes from God."
-Bro. Garrett from Apostolic Standards Bible College class)
The MORE you love God...the prettier you'll be!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)