Monday, December 5, 2011


Soooooo aprently, i'm one of the FEW girlZ, that has NO desire to own a pair of UGG boots!!! ACTUALLY, I just found out what they are...LOL!!! I keep seeing ads for them EVERYWHERE!!
I wonder how they got the name UGG??? Like the first time someone saw them they were probabley like, UGH!!!!!! Ahahaha...noooooo they aren't that bad...actually kinda BURBERRY on the other hand...THATS what they should have name THAT BRAND!!!! That woulda been soooooooooooo PERFECT!!! All the girlz would be like oooo did you see the latest UGG purse??? Its just soooooooo UGH!!! Bahahahahahaha...

I guess what I'm REALLLY, REALLLLLLY, REAAAAALLLLLY trying to figure out is....
ANY girl living in the Phoenix Metro area of ARIZONA, would feel the NEED to wear a pair of
SNOWBOOTS...just to accessorize??? LOL

Although, I must admit I have VERY MUCH been wearing my jacket this winter ANNNND...I was soooooooo cold the other night I actually put on socks with my FLIP FLOPS!!! LOL!!! I know, I know, NOT exactly the fashion statement of the year!!!

It was like 50degrees out though, windy AND RAINY...and that is COOOOOOOOOOOLD for AZ!!! Ahahaha...Buuuuuuuuuut still...SNOW BOOTS????  My friend is from Alaska and he said that it is the OPPOSITE THERE!!! All the girlz, even though they totally NEED them, REFUSE to wear snowboots, cuz they are soooo uncute!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! ONLY in PHOENIX...where there is NO SUCH THING AS SNOW...will you see girlz, accessorizing with these things!!!
♥Mary Frances :)