Saturday, December 3, 2011

What i'm doing...

Basically, what I am doing to lose weight now is...
 counting calories!!!
Counting calories and sticking with low fat and low carb foods...but basically i'm just counting calories!!! If you go HERE there is a calorie counter and it will tell you how many calories to eat, according to your gender, height, current weight, age, with how much weight you want to lose and the amount of days that you want to lose them in. (SOOO COOL!)
Now, what I am doing though is changing my daily calorie intake so that my body doesn't get into a rut...I havn't come up with an exact routine yet of how i'm doing it all but I will let you all know when I do!!! :) Also, the calorie counter will tell you HOW MANY calories you can eat if you want to maintain your CURRENT weight...which I thought was pretty cool too!!!
I got down to...
 281 this week!!!!! :))))
♥Mary Frances :)